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Organic and conventional production



Our main goal is to harvest our products at the optimum moment so that you receive them with the highest quality, preserving all the freshness and flavor.



We are farmers and our system is the fastest way for you to receive our vegetables in the direct way, without intermediaries. From the field to our customers.



Our crops are located in the best production area in Europe, thanks to its location, offering the highest number of hours of sunshine per year. For this reason, we can produce fresh vegetables all year round.


El Ejido (Almería)

Our Crops

Almería (Spain)

We are farmers.

Direct fruits and vegetables, fresher, all year round.

Our crops

We are located in the south of Spain, where weather conditions are excellent and allow us to obtain the best vegetables.

Full control

The entire production process is controlled by us, from the selection of varieties, planting, development, harvesting and packaging of all products.


Ensuring quality and food safety in everything we do. We work with the most demanding certifications and establish continual controls to guarantee it.


Sustainable farming systems, which guarantee the quality, flavor and durability of our products, by following the code of good agricultural practices.


Fresh and healthy vegetables for salads and delicious healthy dishes. We incorporate Biological Control and Integrated Control. We incorporate Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management.

How can we help you?

Direct Sales

We work without intermediaries. Direct from the crop to the final destination. Allowing us to work faster and control the quality in all processes.

Supply Guarantee

We produce our own vegetables in Spain. Our customers can have our best fruits and vegetables according to their needs in advance.

Modern Facilities

Our products go directly from the field to our packaging center, where they are packed immediately in order to preserve all the freshness of the vegetables.


The most rigorous quality controls are applied to all our products in order to offer maximum food safety in all shipments.

We offer our production in organic and conventional to satisfy the needs of our customers at all times.

Our Values


We are fresh vegetable farmers. Our crops are located in the south of Spain, which allows us to have the highest amount of sunshine per year. Peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini are of the highest quality in all Europe. Our headquarters are located in El Ejido, the place in Europe where most fruits and vegetables are produced from autumn to spring. Our crops are distributed throughout those territories with the best conditions for production, allowing us to complete the entire calendar.


We love what we do and apply ourselves to the maximum so that our work is the most direct because this way, you can receive the freshest vegetables on the market.


Our young and experienced team is at the service of our customers to satisfy their needs at any time of the season.


We are committed to sustainable development alongside our customers, responding together to the food needs of consumers through fresh and healthy products.


Contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible resolving your query.

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